How Essential Oils Help In Healing?

Essential Oils

One of the main uses of essential oils is in the healing of different ailments. Medicinal use of essential oils has been established and used in naturotherapy and other forms of alternative medicine. In most cases, essential oils come from use as topical applications such as cypress oil, which is used for treating varicose veins. In certain cases, it might be administered orally, such as ginger oil that is used in food which aids in digestion. The same could be heated and used as in aromatherapy. A perfect example of this is peppermint oil that is used for relieving stress. Oil needs to be recognized as to what benefits it provides and used right as they are usually in concentrated form.

Topical applications

Many essential oils like tea tree oil can be used to treat acne along with cedar wood oil. Cypress oil helps to minimize the formation of varicose veins. Elemi oil is known for treating wounds and helps to reduce the severity of scars. In certain cases, essential oils can help in more than one treatment. For instance, tea tree oil can help to reduce acne as well as can be used on the scalp to get rid of lice or any kind of scalp infection. Massage therapists usually use essential oil blends to heal fatigued muscles and help remove tiredness of the body. A popular combination is that of basil, cajeput, and anise. Many oils and their blends are recommended for ailments of the joints and bones such as chamomile and cinnamon.  The same works for arthritis and conditions like rheumatism.

Used in ingestion

Certain essential oils can be ingested partially or otherwise for certain ailments. For that, they often figure in certain recipes. Usually, diluted oils are used in such instances. Lemongrass oil helps in flatulence while ginger is known to aid digestion. Fennel can help in treating halitosis while a clove bud can help you in easing a toothache. I had a guy that came by from a company that did roofing Surrey and he had a terrible toothache. I told him about this and he was able to alleviate his toothache with fennel until he was able to see the dentist.


Many essential oils and their applications work through inhalation as well. For instance, eucalyptus is known to help when you have a congested nose. Sandalwood and peppermint can help to relieve stress. Lavender can help to create a soothing atmosphere and promote peace of mind. Often baskets of potpourri are created and the scent is used on them. This helps to make a room or a wardrobe fragrance.

Nowadays essential oils in different forms are easily available in online stores. You can source them easily, but the usage must be as per instructions provided. This is particularly true if you are using essential oils in concentrated form. At that time the right number of drops used and in what mixture form can make a large difference.